Want to be hypnotized into knowing what’s good?

I commonly hear from friends that there’s too much out there and that they spend more time scrolling through the streamers than watching them. I’m told that there’s “nothing in theaters” or that “I haven’t read a good book since To Kill a Mockingbird in 7th grade.”

Unpacking the hype, elevating the unknown

That is the mission of The Schmear Hunter’s Brainwash, a weekly report that will include curated recommendations and deep dives into what’s popular in media. You can expect analysis of the biggest and best, as well as spotlighting of what might be flying under the radar.

My enthusiasm for analyzing art is fueled by an insatiable passion shaped through years of studying as a film major, grinding in a talent agency, and developing at a TV studio. Sharing recommendations for shows, films, and books is not just an enjoyable pastime for me; it's a treasured dialogue. It's our own version of the classic water cooler chat, a shared connection in a world teeming with unending options.

This is a platform and newsletter to try and remedy that, to recommend and elucidate on as broad a scale as possible. I will always be genuine and clear on what I’m loving and why I think you’ll like it too.

Together, I hope, we can all cultivate our voices, debate a little more, converse intelligently, and enjoy great works.

-The Schmear Hunter

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